“community and music in the round”

Well it certainly isn’t a path I particularly considered but now I inadvertently run a music cafe once a month at Bobin Hall.  As a local resident with a little experience and wanting to get more involved in activities since arriving in Bobin a few years ago,  I joined the team to keep the community venue going and through a sequence of events and popular demand there is now a fortnightly craft and cafe held at bobin hall, plus monthly Saturday  night with people joining from surrounding areas of Port Macquarie, Nabiac, Wauchope, Wingham and Elands for a drumming circle and more recently open mic and feature artists performing.

The debut of adding music to the mix of Saturday night drumming was in July 2015, as the weather had proven a little challenging to be camping and numbers for the drum circle were dropping.  Suggestions to add live music jam etc were taken on board and seems the word is getting out.  There was great gusto as the night unwound and the harmonies were sweet and strong joining along with maestros Dan and Ed core members of a new local soul outfit called Flexi Tempo.   They brought a dobro, maton acoustic and electric bass.   I was a little hesitant to bring out the little house P.A. which was set up in the hall for the session, but all the drumming crew gave the nod and so the guys plugged in their amps and brought out the mic stands and the musos were happily embraced by the drummers in the round.  Not quite what I had envisaged, but a wonderful outcome.

So, this month we have special guests  Jim and Sue

and Dan and Ed will be back for more.

11250080_1616371368635764_597981758260341860_nAfter our little campfire roustabout I was asked to join in with harmonies by Dan and Ed (with Flexi Tempo at a local fundraiser).  It was a night of soulful jams and lots of laughs..the guys are very talented songwriters and all round musicians and were very well received.  Could be fun to see where this goes.

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“in truth we’re so entwined”

I associate this song with the Elands country and spirit. This song was grown from a pulse/rhythm on djembe and groove/chords on acoustic guitar while two of us were sitting looking out at the rambling hills out on Colling Road. Geoff Nant and myself and our two kids were visiting some new friends and contemplating moving to the village and this music was inspired by the feelings and sense of renewed connectedness to local community that we were enjoying once again.

The lyrics came through and speak about this interconnection that is inherent and calls to us all. We later recorded this song with our new musician friends on the mountain and it appeared on an album of songs released in 2006, entitled “Light Diamond”. I still relate to this song as a signature song for this cycle of music and our sense of “coming home” to a community and a region that welcomed us in with open arms.

So have a listen below.  I welcome any comments, please use the form below.

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“the art of nurturing community”

bobinhallEveryone loves a good local market.  Filled with clamouring stalls, sounds, smells and chatter and clatter and beaver and buzz.  You can tell alot about the character of a place from its local markets.   The core of community can flourish around a wholesome, nurturing environment of a well managed market where locals and regional peoples can gather, exchange ideas, skills and trade merchandise, produce and wares while enjoying the spirit of the event. I enjoy the camaraderie and the creative atmosphere, its great to talk to the stall holders who are frequently highly industrious types, who love a challenge, have great reserves of enthusiasm and energy and inevitably effervesce the market en masse.  All who participate become imbibed with the goodwill and the intentions of not only the impulse of the market organisers but the character of the individuals who set the scene for myriad synchronistic meetings and experiences to unfold.  So now, I find myself in amongst an inspired crew wanting to re-establish a regular country market gathering on the mid-north coast, namely the little village of Bobin in the magical Manning Valley.

Wood fired pizza, in a community built cob oven

Wood fired pizza, in a community built cob oven

Come one, come all.  There was much activity in the old Bobin School of Arts Hall today.  Rearranging kitchen and storerooms to make way for a new venture The Bobin Arts Cafe.  This little endeavour will be the hub for local folk arts groups and other happenings within the hall and surrounds.  Grand opening will co-incide with Australia Day holiday weekend,  Saturday 24th January to be exact.  Local handymen brothers John and Greg Howard took advantage of a couple of wet days and began work on the interior of the building above the old stage – adding to the hustle and bustle.  Counting down to the launch only twelve days to blast off.

Fliers and poster were printed at the local primary school ready to distribute and a facebook page was created for the Bobin Hall along with an event page.  Quite a few stalls booked already and there will some theatrics from some extroverted locals hamming it up for the judging of “best seasonal cut flower” and best cake…  As its winding up school holidays there will be a load of fun to be had for the kids. With face painting, storytelling, jumping castle and much more…Belly dancing is still very popular in the Valley with a number of diverse dance styles in troupes.  Also there a few different drumming groups and teachers of djembe rhythms active and growing.  The Belly dancers and drummers will both be participating in this market and hopefully the collaboration and interaction will build and grow.  There is a close bond between communities in the region via these sub cultures and there is strength of spirit and connectivity that carries through the streams of expression. We have invited buskers as well…in particular a local identity John Hawkins who is an exceptional guitarist and singer with a passion for late 70’s and 80’s rock.  He will be joined by powerful and charismatic singer/dancer Briony Boyd.

catch up later as we continue the countdown…

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Peggy’s new video “Face the Devil Gently”

I had a few new songs come through in a batch of inspiration and one of them gathered momentum in the live set and also became the soundtrack for a new video.  The subject matter of my songs is often what’s goin on in my world’s orbit at the time of writing and this one’s no different.  My focus on the emotional healing and how we get through these challenges has led me to deeper experiences and breakthroughs and I am just continually drawn to know more.  I love to help others also and now I have begun a new practise which can be found here I have a NY special on at the moment, but I digress somewhat.

“Face the Devil Gently” takes a musical journey through the phantoms of the mind and invites one to come closer in to discover what’s really going on and what’s really behind all the drama.  Yeah, we love the drama, and that’s ok…it makes life interesting.  We love the play.  No problem.  Just remember, it can all be woken up to at any moment when we have had enough.

Thanks to Geoff Nant for the inspiration, for recording and video expertise once again.  Thanks to Sam Mamone for bassline boogie.  Thanks to dearest one Ebony for the love she endlessly supplies above and beyond.

Look out for a brand new CD later this year with all my latest tracks.

Thanks so much for being here and reading, I really appreciate every one of you!. Hope you enjoy the new video.  Let me know your thoughts below in the comments and please subscribe to receive my latest raves and music.

Big Love for the holidays and here’s to a magnificent 2015 all around this gorgeous planet


Filmed in Bobin, NSW

Screen shot 2014-12-22 at 10.07.28 PM





Download the Song “Face the Devil Gently” from Reverbnation



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Peggy van Zalm Music and Community

So I am gearing up for a weekend of fun playing in two permutations of Peggy van Zalm Tree-O.

A month ago I inadvertently became president of vice, of the Bobin School of Arts Hall.  I decided I would attend the AGM mainly as a support for my friends who wanted to make sure the local hall didn’t fall by the wayside, as the interest in the community to actively step up and join the hall committe looked to be waning bigtime.  The outcome to my surprise led to me supporting in a more active way than I had expected, and its going to be fun assisting the arts hall back to some more activities and events not only locally but in the wider regional community or even perhaps getting it going as a stop off for more profile touring acts.


Bobin School of Arts Logo, A combination of Tree of Life theme and the local hall as central core. ©2014PeggyvanZalm

To kick it off the new committee is putting on an end of year “knock off party” and birthday celebrations for a long time local identity who’s turning 70, as well as being a good excuse to have a gathering in the tradition I’ve come to love in these parts.  It’s rather funny how things turn out in life as it was a new years party at this very hall which drew me to come to live in this area in the first place.  The sleeve of my CD Light Diamond tells the story too.

Gigs at our local halls including Elands are mostly BYO and everyone bring a plate of food to share for a pot luck style banquet.  Although, other times some of the locals will do the catering.  At this gig I’ll be playing a couple of sets on the night and we’ll have an open mic opportunity at the end of the evening.  Donations for the music will go to the hall funds.

Then on Sunday, I’ll be playing at Harrington Hotel which is on the coast for an afternoon session. Should be a laid back cruisy mood and the Tree-O will be myself with long time music compatriot Geoff Nant and Hugh Cowley on violin. Always a fun combo as I can go wild improvising and the guys just wing it along with me.

Last weekend I did a couple of duo gigs with Geoff who does a great job on sound as well as punching out the djembe kit rhytms.  We have a great little HK DJ 1000 watt system which is incredibly portable and versatile indoors and out.  Its served us well and inevitably I am happy with the vocal and guitar sounds.

I spent a beautiful time lost in “space” as it were on the gorgeous shores of Wallabi Beach following our Hastings Market sets last weekend as we turned off the freeway to cool off at Wallabi Point and I was struck by the gorgeous scenery and after diving into the blue, I went back for my camera and took some shots for a compilation album I am putting together, which will feature songs from all my albums as a taster and I’ll add some new songs in solo mode to showcase my latest compositons.  More on that to come.   I was so ensconsed in the scene, the rocks, the masses of colourful seaweed and the glistening water and the fact that the beach was quite sparsely populated gave me plenty of room to play and create titles etc in seaweed script.  It was alot of fun.opalflow



Well, all is ok now, I’m feeling I should go and run through a few tunes in preparation for tomorrows gig.   Thanks for reading, catch up soon.  Please subscribe below to be kept in touch for future posts and new music news.

much love Peggy

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Introducing Peggy van Zalm’s Music

Thanks for visiting Peggy van Zalm Music !

Music has been the travelling companion and as much an inspiration as entertainment as soulful messenger for this life’s journey.

Starting out writing with acoustic guitar and feeling the moods, words will come into play and musical styles range from folk n groove to contemporary country ballads.

Please enjoy exploring this music and feel free to join in the conversation by commenting below.  I’ll be adding alot of new solo recordings as I go along to document more recent songs that haven’t yet made it onto CD format.  Let me know what you think.  If you would like to visit my sister site to find out what the lyrical inspiration is all about you can take this link













Alot of this music comes from spirit of place and with the self enquiry those lyrics are more and more reflecting that.

If you would like to book a live performance currently I’m playing solo, duo with Geoff Nant on percussion and as Peggy van Zalm Tree-O ringing in either Hugh Cowley on soulful, atmospheric violin. Hugh is a master of improvisation and sometimes the Tree-O is four with Sandra Kwa adding keys with bass feels and chiming lead and counter melodies weaving in amongst the heartstrings.

More soon.

sepiaPeggyThanks again for visiting, reading and

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